The Not-Google-Earth-Tour

This is it. My last post. I’ll probably keep writing on here, but it’s still sad that Creative Writing is coming to a close. I wanted to do something special that I’ve been thinking about doing for awhile now; a google earth tour. I basically just recorded my screen and my voice on google earth back-packing across Asia minus the back-pack. But the file’s too big to upload :/ So I tried the youtube route but that ended up failing as well. Sorry about that. I might make a new one sometime in the future, because I think it’ll be really cool to see. But for now it seems you’re stuck with the usual format. I want to say that writing about India has been awesome. I love this blog and what it allows me to do. I was so excited when someone commented. I think it’s my teacher, but I’m not sure…whoever it is, thank you! I might keep writing on here, but if you don’t see anything, check here: (Update: also at ).  A while back I made a duplicate blog. It needs some updating though.

I hope I was able to spark some thought about these topics, maybe even some interest. This is quickly becoming a boring post. I’m still kind of “ugh” about the video thing, so let me wrap this up: It’s been really, really great doing this. I want to keep doing this, and if any of my classmates are reading this, I hope you guys will keep it up too :) And if you’re a person who’s like “what class?” please don’t feel left out :)You’re just as appriciated, and encouraged to keep writing what you write if you do, and definitley keep stopping by here, commenting if you’re feeling it,  just as often. The world is kind of a classroom, so we’re all classmates, right? Oh wow. I think I’m going to leave it at that for the good of us all.

Again, thanks.



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