How was your week? I hope it went well. The weather has been seriously gorgeous, man! Like that’s some nice weather, right there. *sips tea*


(My thoughts are in blue. Oh, and a warning to the reader: The following post is filled with an necessary amount of rhetorical questions. Reader discretion is advised. 😉 Oh, and scroll all the way down the post to see all the headlines–I had formatting issues :/)

All of these headlines have been on my mind the past couple of days. Malala Yousafzai is making a nice recovery so far 🙂 Also, the rapes in Haryana are terrible to hear about, but apparently it’s an issue that’s been happening for a while, so I think the media attention will encourage a solution. What’s not so good is that areas in North India are experiencing a drought, and supposedly Punjab has received no government support for the farmers suffering financial loss, while the other areas experiencing a drought have gotten help. Also, there’s the comment that Rahul Gandhi made– that 7 out of ten Punjabi youth have a drug problem.  Now I don’t live in Punjab and I’ve never been there, but from what I’m always hearing about it from people who have gone back, I have to wonder if there’s some truth to what he said. Aaaand a Punjabi girl has been kidnapped by a gangster and she’s currently missing. There’s some serious police negligence involved, like that the kidnapper was never arrested after being charged with rape, and was a free man when he abducted this missing girl. Finally, there’s the Afghans in Pakistan. This news is the most recent to break my heart. There are about 3 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan. It’s being said, and I don’t know if this is official, but it’s being said that they are going to lose their refugee status by the end of the year, and they might get deported. And you know, I understand where the Pakistani government is coming from. The country is pretty young, at it’s going through rough times right now. It makes sense for them to want what must be a huge burden on their economy, population-control, etc. to be gone. I don’t think Pakistan is to blame. But the Afghans. Good lord. When are they going to find peace? Where? Afghanistan is saying they aren’t ready for the refugees, some of whom have been in Pakistan for 10 years, to come back, and Pakistan can’t keep them anymore either. And on top of that, the U.S is in the process of pulling out of Afghanistan. Whether you agree with this decision or not, it’s undeniable that this will be a big change for Afghanistan- one that they’re going to have to adjust to. At the same time, they’re going to have to take back 3 million people who they haven’t had to worry about in 10 years. I mean, forget about the politics for a second. Forget about the war, forget about the Taliban, just think about the people that have been living it. There are Afghans who have been born and have died within the time span of all of this. They lived their life in this mess; it’s all they ever saw. When are these people going to be okay? When are their lives going to be just average? My grandma thinks it won’t ever happens, and my grandpa says it’s been like this in Afghanistan of hundreds of years. But I think they could be wrong. To every Afghan out there right now- my thoughts are always with you. The world is unpredictable; your life can change in an instant. And I hope they will, and for the better. Stay strong. 


P.S- Note to self: Posts written at 12:30 AM will turn end up being very dramatic and emotional. 

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