Justin Bieber Ft. One Direction

So okay. The thing about me is…I like Justin Bieber, okay? I like him, his music, the whole enchilada. I also like One Direction.

Come at me. (JK please don’t I’m five feet tall okay thank you)

No, but seriously, I really do. And over the years, you hear all kinds of hate towards the pop, boy band type of musicians. A lot of guys hate on them because they’re “gay” and girls hate on them too, and they’re considered the “cool” girls who “aren’t like the rest.” But whenever I meet a someone who resists the urge to tear apart Justin Bieber or One Direction or whoever, I have respect for that person, because they don’t rely on making someone else look bad to make themself feel good.

The reason I came to like Justin Bieber was because we’ve had similar lives. His parents got divorced when he was little, and so did mine. He has a song about it, and that’s what did me in for him. Check it out HERE. The first time I listened to it I was able to relate to everything he was saying. My mom likes it too, but she can’t listen to it without crying.

I get it—they have crazy fans and a lot of people just like them because of their hair, but don’t hate on someone because of the music they make or like to listen to, because you never know what it means to that person.


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One thought on “Justin Bieber Ft. One Direction

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