This one is going out to anyone who’s been finding themselves in this position lately:

Where I live, the SATs are coming up as they do every few months. I’m in my junior year of high school, so a lot of my friends are stressing out about it. I try to tell them what I tell myself- that we’re going to have so many other opportunities to take it before college and this is practically like a practice round- but I don’t think any of them believe me. I was talking to a friend of mine (Shout out to TINA!) and she pretty much cleared up the issue for me when she said that her parents are expecting her to get a perfect score this time around. I’m sure a lot of kids are getting this from there parents right now, which I can imagine is very stressful and is the main reason people are on edge.


Remember, as cliche as it sounds, your parents really do just want the best for you. Yes, they may sometimes do a bad job of showing it, but they have good intentions (unless they abuse you or something because that’s not okay). I’m going to stop talking about this because I have a whole post on it that I’m afraid I might start repeating word for word if I continue (check it out HERE). OKAY. THE MAIN THING HERE WAS THAT YOUR PARENTS HAVE GOOD INTENTIONS UNLESS YOU ARE GETTING ABUSED IN WHICH CASE YOU NEED TO TELL SOMEONE. OKAY. MOVING ON.

As much as our parents are awesome people who we can get advice from and who have been through a lot in their lives, they might not always be spot on with everything. If you don’t do well on the SAT, it really is going to be okay. There are many opportunities to take it before you have to apply for college. And your entire application does not revolve solely around your score. If that was the case, it would be the only thing that we’d have to submit. But it’s not! You submit your grades to colleges, your extracurricular activities, your recommendations from teachers, your written college essays, etc. And even if this is the last time you can take the SAT and you’re afraid you’re going to bomb and you haven’t done well on the other ones and you’re freaking out that your life is coming to an end, it’s still okay. You have a ton of options, like community college. Yes, community college. I think in some communities there’s some weird stigma against community colleges, but that’s just uninformed hoopla. I have a friend who isn’t stressing about the SAT (and his parents aren’t either) because he’s planning on going to a community college and eventually becoming a nurse. Many doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc., went to community college. I have a couple of cousins who went to a community college, took a year off from school, and are now enrolled in a university, on track to becoming physical therapists. The way things are going for them, it looks like they’re going to have pretty stable lives, and no one knows or cares how well they did on the SAT. Let’s just sum this up: Clint Eastwood went to community college. I think I’ve made my point.

I know it must be hard to have parents who breathe down your neck about the SAT and grades and stuff, and you should definitely always do your best in school and in what ever else you do. But if school is a major source of stress for you, remember to take a step back to breathe every once and a while. Study hard, but play hard too. Your life does not revolve around one test or a single acceptance letter.


*Update: Omg. I actually took the SAT today and the lady proctoring my test was so sweet. Before we started she was all And you know, if you don’t do well today, the sun will still rise tomorrow, the tide will still come in, Christmas will still come. She was wearing this cute cardigan and she had a really cute Southern accent and it was literally the best.

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One thought on “SAT

  1. There’s some great advice here, especially the reassurance that the world won’t end if you don’t get that amazing score or admission to the school you (or your parents) have been focusing on. One word of caution though – it’s true that your first time can’t hurt you and that there’s plenty of time for juniors to retake BUT how you handle retakes can hurt you. Only ever take an SAT or ACT a 2nd time if you’ve done enough to guarantee your scores will go up. Some kids just retake over and over and don’t realise that retakes without clear improvement does not look good to prospective colleges.

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