Two Bruaaahs and a Fitteh Moo

Bruaaah: Noun. Vocalization typically made by people of the Punjab region of India during times of intense celebration and/or partying. If this is hard to picture with your ears, there’s quite a few bruaaahs in this video:

Fitteh moo: Darn.

This past week, Punjabis have seen two Bruaaahhs and a Fitteh Moo. Let’s start with the Bruaaahhs, shall we?

Bruaaahh #1-

It’s rumored that one of the Top 40 contestants in this coming season of American Idol is a Sikh. This is a video from his Youtube channel:



ADSFLKJADF’ EXCITEMENT EXCITEMENT!!!! His name is Gurpreet Sarin, and you can check out his Youtube channel HERE. Not only does he seem talented, but in a couple of his videos he addresses the hate comments he gets and other issues, and he seems to have a smart attitude and a positive outlook. I hope the rumors of him being on American Idol are true!

Bruaaahh #2-

As I mentioned in my last post, the Punjabi festival of Lohri was this past Sunday. It celebrates the coming of winter with a bon-fire, snacks, and I can only assume a LOT  of bhangra, which is a traditional dance of Punjab. In my last post I had a clip of a Lohri celebration in a movie. You can check out the post HERE, or click HERE for a direct link to the video on Youtube.

Now time for the fitteh moo 😦

Also in Punjab this past week, a woman was raped…by seven men…and she was a bus passenger. This gang-rape is undeniably similar to the one that occurred in Delhi that had India protesting and calling for reform. One difference is the status of the victim in this most recent incident; thankfully, this victim is alive. Another positive is that six men have been arrested, which is progress that might have never have been made without the revolution caused by the rape in Delhi. This rape might not have even been reported if it weren’t for the outrage towards rape that has swept across India. It’s awesome that this woman had the will to press charges on her rapists, and that the police are taking it seriously.

But there’s another not so obvious problem here.

The ratio of men to women in Punjab is one of the worst in the world. Female fetuses are commonly aborted in India, especially in Punjab, solely for being female. This practice is called female foeticide. One reason for this is the dowry system. This is illegal in India, but it still takes place. When a woman gets married, her family is expected to pay ridiculous amounts of money and give extravagant gifts, such as cars, to the groom’s side. Often times, families abort female fetuses in order to avoid this burden in the long run. And so now, there are significantly more men than women in India, particularly in the state of Punjab. I think this uneven ratio could be partially blamed for the increasing crimes towards women in India, because it makes women more of a minority.

Again, the good thing about this is that at least we’re hearing about it. Before the gang-rape in Delhi, taboos against speaking of rape would let rapists go free, because they were not reported. At least this rape in Punjab is getting publicity, and at least arrests have been made. This is definitely progress, but that does not undermine the deep-rooted causes of rape in India, such as female foeticide.

Anyways folks, I hope you have an awesome week filled with ample bruaaahhs!


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