There is no such thing as the Punjabi Rape Festival. I promise.

Alright, so I had noticed a lot of people were searching “punjab rape festival” on WordPress, and I was like what is this. So I looked it up, and I found on a FAKE NEWS SITE an article detailing the made-up festival. As a joke. This is not real: it’s not a real news site and it’s not a real festival. It looks like two sites have the article. One of them has a disclaimer at the bottom explaining that the site maker is joking, and the other one…well, it’s called Central Bank of Jokes. Enough said, I think. The only reason this concerned me a bit is because a lot of people in the comments thought the festival was real. It’s not.

That is all.


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21 thoughts on “There is no such thing as the Punjabi Rape Festival. I promise.

  1. Dagger Room says:

    I live in Punjab. This festival is real. I protest it every year. It is very bad

  2. Taranjeev says:

    Hey can you please tell your name and please say that’s its all wrong on the site you wrote all that wrong stuff….

    Being honest(I know it deosn’t concern you) but I am really hurt…….

  3. Mr Need Clearance says:

    ” It looks like two sites have the article. ” Can you name me the 2 sites?

  4. Malaysian says:

    It’s from a fake news site:

    If you scroll down far enough you will find the following confession reaffirming that the post is fake:

    I’ve been getting emails from people saying that I should remove my story entitled, “The Punjab Rape Festival In India Begins This Week.”

    The point of the story was an activism piece to educate people about what is going on over there on a daily basis, because a lot of people don’t know. I read everything I can get my hands on and every day there’s another story about another horrible rape or murder of a young girl in India…. usually where the guy gets off, not being punished, or worse, where the victim is forced to marry her attacker.

    So I wrote up the most exaggerated, ridiculous thing I could think of… it gets people to pass around the story and then question what’s going on over there if they didn’t already know. A simple Google search of “Punjab rape” brings up 100+ different stories of young girls getting raped, murdered, forced to marry the man who raped them… it’s disgusting.

    Anyway, that’s the point of the story and I’m not pulling the article.

  5. Ani says:

    I live in punjab too, its real because i was raped in this event even im not participating it

  6. Me says:

    So is it real or not?

      • angry african says:

        You Pigs have a lot of time on your hands, how about helping a needy child in Africa, or this stupid country India!, whoever wrote this piece of junk should be reported, get caught, raped(in the ass) then stoned to half death, leave the bustard to die slow, while infected with aids! Maybe this would teach him a lesson, if he wanted to get a point accross, he would’nt have made such a bad joke, people get raped on a daily, and you have time to sit around and write lame jokes about it! F*# off! Get a Life

  7. izaaq says:

    if Wikipedia doesn’t yield results abt it, en they claim its been there since 43 Ad, then hell no, it dont exist. some ppl have soo much time for nothing

  8. Mo says:

    Its amazing how many people goggled it. If the writer was looking to get attention then he/she achieved their goal. However, what this will end up doing is getting sexual perverts goggling Punjabi expecting to see picture of half naked women and getting dates of the events so that they can be part of it.

    It does nothing for the rape cases going on there, helps in no activism and only makes the writer looks like a serious joke. There are better ways to help the cause; this isnt one of them

  9. Shantanu says:

    Stop arguing about this…its obviously not a real festival guys..The Author sums up the excruciating pain of opening a newspaper in this country perfectly…its metaphorical genius..and yeah..this country is fucked up…

  10. India - My Motherland says:

    I’m sorry but even I put it up in my blog: Rebuilding India, and was about to start a campaign against it, :link –
    Nowhere it’s said on superofficial news that it is fake. But if it really exists, it must be attacked!!!

  11. RAPE KING says:

    so wheres the VENUE this year,?

  12. Kwadwo Bonsu says:

    whether real or not, i don’t give a fuck about it.

  13. Ananya says:

    They have now changed the name from Punjab rape festival to Assam rape festival. There is no such festival in any state of India.

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