Summer Bucket List: Desi Edition!

This one’s going out to my summer bucket list buddy πŸ™‚

If you’re hitting that wall right about now–you know, the wall:

June 7th:



June 12:


This is still great and all…

June 16th:


2 more months…

Well don’t fear!! Here’s 7 desi-related things that you can do this summer, whether you’re South Asian or not.

1) Read A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini.

2) Watch a Bollywood movie with the volume turned down and the subtitles turned on— It’s like a whole different movie.

subtitles1 subtitles2 subtitles4 subtitles5 subtitles6

3)Try a food that you’ve never had before— If you’re Tamil, have a makki di roti. If you’re Kashmiri, have some Hydrabadi biryani. If you’re not South Asian at all, just go to Udupi. And you might want to take a bottle of water Β with you, unless you want to end up like Taani Partner-


On that note–

4) Have a gol gappa competition with someone–gol gappas are spicy but delicious. It’s cruel, when you think about it. But see who is stupid enough to can eat the most! When you’re face feels like it’s vibrating, you should probably throw in the towel, a lesson I wish someone taught me earlier.


(Tip-Do NOT have this competition with a South Indian if you are not one yourself. They will school you.)

5) Get Roohafza-Wasted

If you’re Muslim and you’re fasting this summer, you might already be stocked up.

“The Summer Drink of the East” And of heaven.

6) Go up to a desi person and act like you’re family. Just speak their language and smile. Doubtful? Don’t worry, Hrithik will demonstrate.




Do your thing, please!



family8 family9 family10 family11 family12 family13 family14

I will cut you.

I will cut you.


Thanks, Hrithik!



If you’re not desi, I’m interested to know how that one goes for you.

And finally-

7) Discover a new part of the human body. Oh wait, you’re Harminder Singh Dua? Oh, well it looks like you’ve already got that under your belt. You’re belt of awesomeness and intelligence.


I hope your summer is off to an AWESOME start!

See you next week πŸ™‚


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4 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List: Desi Edition!

  1. jennynilsson says:

    yes let’s hear more from you soon hopefully:)

  2. shadesofbrwn says:

    you got it! i try to post every sunday πŸ™‚

  3. Desi Chaat says:

    Kajol’s our favorite πŸ™‚

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