Heaven on Earth: Kashmir

First, some facts to tickle your fancy (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Demographics (divided by regions within Kashmir)-

 India Kashmir Valley % Muslim- 95%  %Hindu- 4%*
Jammu % Muslim- 30% %Hindu- 66% % Other-4%
Ladakh %Muslim- 46% %Buddhist- 50%    %Other- 3%
 Pakistan Azad Kashmir %Muslim- 100%
Gilgit–Baltistan %Muslim- 99%
 China Aksai Chin




Spelling in Urdu I guess?- کشمیر

IDK that’s all I got for this part.


Ahh, Kashmir 🙂

English: southern part of the Kashmir Valley, ...

 Kashmir is a region that spans over areas administered by India, Pakistan, and China. It’s often referred to as Heaven on Earth because …well, do you see that picture ^?

When people think of India, they usually forget about Kashmir. And Punjab. And North India in general. When people think of India, they think super hot and overcrowded. Which it definitely is. But not all of it is. Like its people, India’s geography and atmosphere are incredibly diverse.

One of the things that made me fall in love with Kashmir was this video where this food lady visits Kashmir and tries some of the food. Idk why I liked it so much. Probably something to do with the whole “food” aspect:

 The sad part is, now, Kashmir has become the center of political conflict.

Story of Kashmir today

Story of Kashmir today (Photo credit: Joe Athialy)


Muzzling Rights

Muzzling Rights (Photo credit: Joe Athialy)

 Pakistan, India, and China all want their share of it (or you know, all of it) and often this results in violence. A while back, I was thinking about how there’s a nice-sized Punjabi internet community– Jusreign, brwnppl, that kind of thing, and I’m pretty sure there is a similar presence on the internet of South Indians. But I had never, not once, seen any hint of a Kashmiri community. Like, there are no “You Know You’re Kashmiri When…” videos on Youtube, and that kind of thing. I’ve looked.This sounds kind of insignificant, I know, but  it made me sad :/ Not because I didn’t get to watch any of the videos or anything, but because the lack of a community kind of represented the fact that Kashmir and it’s people are struggling right now.


I was watching Jusreign’s latest Younow, (Jusreign is like the biggest Punjabi Youtuber), and he mentioned that he’s half Kashmiri!! Apparently that’s where his mom is from! Idk man, I just think that it’s so cool that this whole time I’ve been watching a Kashmiri, or at least someone with ties to Kashmir.


I can’t do Kashmir justice by just talking about it. Check out these pictures of heaven on earth:

Dal Lake, Srinagar Town

Dal Lake, Srinagar Town

Dal lake(in Srinagar, Kashmir, India), going f...

Dal lake(in Srinagar, Kashmir, India), going from the mugal gardens side back to srinagar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Panoramic Kashmir

Panoramic Kashmir (Photo credit: NotMicroButSoft (Winter Survival –  Keran Top Exped)

Dal Lake, Srinagar Town

World I see from here... (2000 years old Sree/...

World I see from here… (2000 years old Sree/Siri Sharada Peeth Devi Temple, Sharada, Kashmir, Pakistan) (Photo credit: Black-Z-ro [100,000+ views])

Nanga Parbat, western Himalayas, Pakistan.

Nanga Parbat, western Himalayas, Pakistan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dal Lake, Srinagar Town

English: View of Dal Lake and the city of Srin...

English: View of Dal Lake and the city of Srinagar from Shankaracharya Hill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Srinagar Fortress


Srinagar (Photo credit: On The Go Tours)

Sunset at Dal lake in Srinagar, capital of Jam...

Sunset at Dal lake in Srinagar, capital of Jammu and Kashmir, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Shikaras are a common feature in lakes and riv...

Shikaras are a common feature in lakes and rivers across the Kashmir valley. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 It really does look like paradise. My grandparents honeymooned in Kashmir after their wedding, and they still talk about how lovely it was. Well, mainly they talk about how my grandma wanted to buy this shawl so badly that she started crying, and debate whether or not this was true…but they definitely talk about the beauty too! Unfortunately, the only other time my parvar has been to Kashmir is when my Grandma, dad, and uncle went there, and my uncle almost died from something he ate…

As you can see, I clearly must go to Kashmir to make up for all of the…interesting times my family has had there. As it’s Punjab’s neighbor to the north, who knows? I might be able to sneak in a small excursion there on my trip to India that’s hopefully happening in December. 

   Most of all, I hope that one day soon, Kashmir will be able to thrive as the ultimate tourist destination as it once did, welcoming people from all over the world to share in its rich culture and geography, and, more importantly, be a comfortable home for everyone who lives there.

Stay strong Kashmir ❤

With love–you’re neighbor,


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  1. Jenny Cecilia says:

    big like!

  2. rashimirakhur@yahoo.com says:

    I miss my home. Can’t wait to go back. After nearly 20 years!

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