Paradox Post! :O

Okay, so technically I don’t have a post planned out.



At first, I was just thinking about leaving it at that, and being like “I’m really sorry I don’t have a post this week and whatnot.”


Why don’t I do a post about why I don’t have a post??

And so that’s what I’m doing. I’m going to tell you guys why I didn’t really have time to plan a post! But then, by writing a post about why I don’t have a post, I actually am writing a post, and therefore I don’t need to write a post about why I don’t have a post, but then I don’t have a post…and it’s basically one big paradox…

I’m going to do it anyways though… 😀

Also, I know I don’t usually do posts about my personal life and stuff, so I know this is kind of something different. Don’t worry, things will go back to normal after this, pinkie promise.


SO the reason I didn’t have time to plan a post is because the past three weeks have been super packed. First, I went to Khaled Hosseini’s book signing.


When I was in line to get my book signed, I was thinking about what I should say. You want to say something profound and whatnot, but when I got up there, it was so fast! He took my book and signed it and it was time for me to move on but I HADN’T EVEN SAID ANYTHING YET and so I go “You’re a really good writer.” AS IF HE DIDN’T KNOW.

But it was all good, because he laughed and was like, “Thank you.” At least he laughed, you know? Even if it was only because I’m an awkward person.

So that was really awesome. AND THEN the next weekend I went to that One Direction concert I was telling y’all about 🙂

One Direction

One Direction (Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer) (Lol this is so not my pic. I was sitting like a mile above the stage. Which I really didn’t mind actually. It was kind of cool.)

That was the greatest also! They’re SO GOOD live,  I was there with some good friends, I ate a cream cheese filled pretzel, and it was just a really fun time overall. Overalls.  lol.

Bib and brace overalls.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyways, if you were wondering, no, I did not get to shout any Bollywood lyrics to Zayn. And we didn’t interact in the slightest. Next time…

And the last thing I did was go on a day trip to the beach. Well idk if you could call it a day trip, because I spent the night there, but I was only there for 24 hours. It was really nice. I was there with my mom. My brother was there too, but he was camping with his friends. It’s nice to get away from your normal setting sometimes, even if it’s just for a little while.

And on top of all of this, my cat has been kind of under the weather for a while.

He’s my #1

Thankfully he seems almost back to normal, but with all of this stuff going on, especially worrying about him, I haven’t had as much time as usual to plan posts. I’ve been thinking about ideas though, and hopefully will start turning those ideas into posts soon 🙂

I hope you guys are having a FANTASTIC summer so far! See you next Sunday! 🙂


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