Bollywood Music =/= Punjabi Music

*This post consists mostly of videos, so please click them to get the most out of it! : ) But you don’t have to if you don’t want to! But I would! Okay. See you in the actually post. Love you. Bye. 

**Oh wait, also, I’m so so sorry for not posting this Sunday! I was at my grandparents’ house helping them get ready to move to a different city. I should have foreseen that I wouldn’t be able to write a post, I’m sorry :/

So y’all know I love Bollywood, right? Because I do. But there are some things about Bollywood that make me kind of go


One of these things is when Bollywood tries to do Punjabi music. They just can’t seem to get it right. Except for that one time that they did…

Not one gosh darn Punjabi function goes by without this beautiful song. Thank you, Lehmber Hussainpuri. Thank you :’)

But that’s besides the point. Usually when Bollywood tries to recreate Punjabi/Bhangra music, it ends up going something like this:

Nagada Nagada. Great song, but it just doesn’t do justice to traditional Punjabi folk music. So basically what I’m trying to get at here is, if all you’ve heard of Punjabi music is Bollywood’s attempt to do Punjabi music, you have not heard Punjabi music. *Pats your shoulder*  I know, I know. You’ll be okay. I’m here to help you fix this. Below are some prime examples of  bumpin’ Punjabi music that Bollywood just can’t seem to touch.


1) Bhagra Ishq Da

Basically the translation that’s not really the actual translation–Bhangra music is love’s grandpa. Lol. 

2) Chite Suite

Basically the translation that’s not really the actual translation– Look at this man I got a stain on my white freaking suite oh wait maybe this is a metaphor bc I didn’t intend to fall in love with you and my love for you is like a stain on my usually cool, heart-breaker ‘tude.

3) Sona

Basically the translation that’s not really the actual translation–Why you gotta wear all that bling? girl you ARE da bling, YA FEEL?!?

4) Moorni-Balle Balle

I still don’t know if it’s called Balle Balle or Moorni…but Basically the translation that’s not really the actual translation– You’re basically a fine peacock-like specimen, where are you going with your peacock self?? Balle balle.

5) Promiscuous (The Josh Desi Remix)



Okay, so not exactly a 100% traditional Punjabi song, considering it’s mixed with Promiscuous, but it’s so freaking good! Punjabi people tend to like Hip Hop, and mixes like this that are done SO WELL DONE make us extremely happy : )

And yeah!  I know that Bollywood music is pretty popular these days, but  Punjabi music isn’t as well-known.  So I’m really interested to know what you guys think! Also, I know this was on the short side, but stay tuned, I’ve got a long one for you this coming Sunday!

See you then!


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