So I’ve been reading Wuthering Heights for school. I actually love it so far–however, it wasn’t long before I had to acknowledge that it was basically an Indian soap opera. Let me explain.

Oh, real quick, for those who are familiar with Wuthering Heights, here’s a lil glossary:

Waliyah Hodge Podge– Wuthering Heights

Tumhara Garage–Thrushcross Grange

Lakhdeep– Lockwood

Jagat– Joseph

Hrithik– Heathcliff

Young Charan– Young Catherine (Catherine’s daughter)

Hiral– Hareton

Heer– Hindley



Ehan Saab–Mr. Earnshaw

Eshan Lal–Edgar Linton

Ishana Lal– Isabella Linton

Lal Hrithik– Linton Heathcliff

I’m skipping to chapter 4 bc the beginning is boring. But just know it involved a lot of crazy ish like dogs and a ghosts and tearful meltdowns….okay that makes it sound not boring…but it was!! I promise!! Come on! I mean it’s basically like Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham–the best part is when the aunties start talking about ten years ago! Everyone wants to fast forwards the first 10 minutes! Don’t lie. You do. But okay, I guess I’ll give a quick summary–

Basically what had happened was this guy Lakhdeep who’s narrating the story at this point has just moved into a house called Thrushcross Grange (Thumhara…Garage)

Thumhara Garage

and so he goes to pay his landlord a visit at the house he (the landlord) lives at: Wuthering Heights (Waliyah…Hodge Podge)

Waliyah Hodge Podge

When he goes there, he meets the elderly servant Jagat, who’s rude and obnoxious. Think Kreacher in Harry Potter in book 5. Also at the house is the landlord himself– Hrithik; Hrithik’s dead son’s wife–the Young Charan; and some other random guy, Hiral. And basically what happens here is just a lot of awkwardness and tension (they don’t even offer Lakhdeep cha)  and nobody at this house seems happy and later when Lakhdeep tries to leave he gets attacked by dogs and he has to stay the night, and this housekeeper lady leads him to this room that nobody ever goes in (SO WHY WOULD YOU HAVE HIM STAY THERE??) and he goes to sleep and encounters a ghost of a little girl, but he thinks he’s dreaming so he is like whatevs and then he tells Hrithik about it and Hrithik is like “OH CHARAN COME BACK I MISS YOU.” So Lakhdeep is like “deuces,” and he goes home and asks his maid, Naila to tell him what’s going on with this crazy family, and basically in chapter 4, she begins the actual interesting part, where Lockwood finds out…

Years and years ago, Naila was a servant at Waliyah Hodge Podge. She grew up with the children of the house, Heer and Charan (NOT Young Charan, who we were introduced to earlier. That girl was THIS Charan’s daughter. But okay, moving on.)


Heer and Charan, with Naila in the middle

Heer and Charan’s dad, Ehan Saab, went on a business trip one day to Goa. Heer, Charan, and Naila ask him to bring stuff back for them, but instead he brings a kid.


While in Goa, Ehan Saab had found a little boy wondering around, and was like “Chalo, I’ll take him home.” So Heer and Charan are like wth is this, and basically they don’t like the kid. At all. Even Ehan Saab’s wife is like “Someone needs to hook this kid up with some Fair and Lovely or some ish.” But either way, Ehan Saab is like


“Naila, put him in the kids’ room. He’ll sleep with them.”

In that thunderous Indian dad voice. But later that night, Heer and Charan are like “Naila, don’t you dare make us sleep with him.” So Naila is like “Umm…” and ends up just leaving him on the stair landing lol. Ehan Saab finds out though, and banishes Naila from the house. However, Naila knows that, like all Indians, Ehan Saab is just full of hot air, so she knows she can just come back in a few days. Which she does, only to find out that they had named the random little kid Hrithik, and Charan and him had become super tight.


But everyone else still hates him, including Heer. Oh, but Ehan Saab doesn’t. In fact, he demands that Hrithik be treated like family. But the only person who DOESN’T hate Hrithik with every fiber of her being is Charan.

Me at this point–

*Hrithik and Charan = OTP*

Okay, so time goes by, Heer is super mean to Hrithik, and Hrithik is oddly unresponsive to him and his meanness. But soon, Ehan Saab gets sick. Then this doctor is basically like “Yo Ehan, your son is super obnoxious. Also why is he not a doctor?! ” And so Heer, being the oldest of the kids, goes away to college. And one day when he’s gone, Ehan Sahib straight up dies in front of the whole family.


And no 19th century household was complete without a man of the house! So does Hrithik step up? Or is Heer invited back? And who will he bring with him?? Will Hrithik and Charan’s friendship blossom into something more? Find out next time on Spark Notes Desi Edition–Wuthering Heights!!


Sometimes I hit on my own writing. It’s fine.

Haha no I hope you guys enjoyed this weird backwass. For real, I hope it wasn’t terrible. It might have been. Probably was. FORGIVE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. 

And I know most of you guys like to be silent beings of the night, but I REALLY appreciate when you hit that like button and comment and share and all that stuff. And I also want to say a BIG THANKS to everyone who shows love on the regular (I’m looking at you, Jenny :)) and I’d love to hear what you guys think I should write about, if you have any suggestions! And that goes for anyone–if you liked this, let me know, and maybe I’ll expand it, with other books as well. Or if you like something else I did, tell me!

Also, WordPress’s new feature (which I actually LOVE) is suggesting I include this picture. So I figure why not:

hrithik small

(Photo credit: VIKI 96)

Bye Hrithik.

I mean bye guys.


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