Okay. I’ve been posting a day late so often lately, I think I’m just going to go ahead and make it official lol: posts on Mondays from now on. I’m just getting tired of posting a day late and disappointing everyone because you’re expecting it on Sunday 😦 That’s no fun for anyone. Is this good? Are we good? I think it’ll be good. It’s just that my weekends are usually pretty busy, right? So like, I plan my post during the week, but during the weekend it’s hard to find time to actually type it up and edit and whatnot, which is why I’ve been lagging. So if I post on Mondays, I’ll have the week to plan, the weekend to type what I can, and a few hours on Monday, if I end up needing them! Yeah! This seems like it’ll work…in theory…which means that it will probably go horribly wrong…but it’s the plan for now! Look, I even changed my the tagline up there to reflect this new schedule, so you know it’s real baby. 

See you tomorrow! 🙂




OH! Also, if you haven’t seen Malala Yousafzai on The Daily Show, check it out down below, she’s amazing:



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