Malala Meets ‘Murica

I can’t get rid of the whale background. I don’t know what spell it has over me but I just can’t. Also, I think it’s time we name the whale. Suggestions?

Okay sorry. Today’s post. Right. Malala. 

 Malala Yousafzai was in the U.S this past week, and she has been absolutely killing it : ) She’s done a few interviews, and the things she says are so so powerful. If you haven’t checked her out on The Daily Show, you can down below:

She was also interviewed by Christiane Amanpour, but I can’t find a video : ( But one of the things I loved from that interview was when Malala said Allah and Inshallah. By using these words, she’s kind of showing people that it’s not Islam she’s against, but rather the radicals. By using these words, she’s showing people that she is in fact a Muslim, and perhaps changing their preconceived notions that Muslims are bad. It’s like, see Malala over there? She’s a Muslim too! And she’s awesome!

Another thing– last night I was looking at an interview from before she was shot (which, I am ashamed to admit, I clicked on partially because I was intrigued by how on point her makeup looked…among other reasons though ok? Click here if you want to watch it.) and there were two things that stood out to me about it. The first was that she was speaking Urdu, which just kind of brings it home, you know? Like my mom and I were sitting there listening to her speak and understanding (my mom more than me) what she was saying, and it made us both realize, once again, how we are from the same part of the world as Malala, generally speaking, and yet there she is getting shot for going to school, and our lives our totally…totally different. And yet so similar. That’s always a pretty intense moment. 

The second thing about this interview is her voice. She sounds so sweet and gentle, which she does now too, but there’s something else. Now when she speaks, you hear so much strength in her voice, and so much power. Then, you could feel the power behind her words, but not, perhaps, quite as much as now. Granted, she was obviously younger in this video than she is now, and likely nervous, especially if it was one of her first interviews, but you can’t help but wonder if the strength she has now has increased because of what happened to her, you know?

Oh wait, one other thing about this interview–Malala says once again that she is a Justin Bieber fan.

Next time I get flack for being a Belieber, y’all what comeback imma have ready AM I RIGHT?!?

OH GOD WAIT OK one OTHER thing about this interview that’s really cool is how when you first see the interviewer, you’re kind of get the impression like “oh she’s probaby just going to ask a few questions and Malala’s going to do all the intense talking.” But the interviewer asks some amazing questions and the two of them engage in such an intelligent, thoughtful conversation that they BOTH contribute too. I’m embarrassed to say that when I saw the reporter in her cute salwar kameez, that that’s what my subconscious impression was–she was just there to smile. Gosh…it really disturbs me that I thought that. But she proved me wrong. Lookin  nice AND, much more importantly, speaking well and asking great questions GO ON GIRL!

Alright guys, it’s about time for me to go. If you haven’t seen Malala’s interview with Christiane Amanpour, I highly suggest you try to find it! If I come across it I’ll try to post it for sure! 

I know this post was kind of on the disorganized/rant-y side, but I hope you enjoyed nonetheless! What I had planned was actually totally different, so that’s probably going to be next week’s post. Hopefully it will make you laugh : )

See you Monday!



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