And imma need those of you who have been to India to tell me whether or not these are terrible, terrible ideas. 

1) Speak Punjabi.

Like okay. My Punjabi isn’t the best, right? I mean I can have a conversation…but every now and then I….I say something in Spanish, okay? Idk why! It’s like I think brains store 2nd languages in the same compartment or something and therefore get them confused sometimes. I’ll be like “Oh Mummi, bohot frio hai aaj.” And so I’m afraid that when I’m trying to seem like a born-and-raised Indian in shops and stuff, I’ll be haggling, and start saying prices in Spanish. If nothing else, I will confuse the poor shopkeeper, if not give away my Amreekan-ness. But I don’t want to speak in English! I want to blendddddd. BLENNDDDDDD. 


2) Bump into my soulmate and have a song-sequence. 


soulmatesoulmate3 soulmate4 soulmate5


This one is not up for debate, please proceed to number 3. 


3) Wear only salwar kameezes. 



I’m going to be there in the winter, so it’s not like I’m going to be hot (North India gets pretty cold in the winter. In fact, in Kashmir, it gets sooo cold that they have these self-heater situations that are like baskets with burning coals in them.

Source: Tribune Pakistan

They wear them under their shirts, I think. Dangerous? Maybe. Effective? Fo sho. 

). And I do get that a lot of kids my age in India wear jeans and t-shirts, so it’s not so much of a fitting in thing. But I’m finding that, out of everything, salwar kameezes, particularly Patiala salwars, are what I’m most comfortable in and feel the best in. I’ve been thinking about trying to make them my regular attire, so what better place to start than India?

4) Visit Wagah Border.


Wagah Border is one of the borders between India and Pakistan. At the end of each day there’s a border closing ceremony (you can read more about it HERE), and so there’s that. But the main reason I would want to go to Wagah would be to see Pakistan, even if it’s just a glimpse. As some of you may know, so much of my family history took place on the land that is now Pakistan, from Punjab to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Pakistan is the playgrounds my grandparents played on. It’s where they took their first steps, and spoke their first words. Pakistan is the homes and friends they left behind. I’m so thrilled to be able to see India this winter, but Pakistan is just as important to me. Hopefully one day I can visit there too, but for now, it would be amazing to just see it. (Speaking of Pakistan, have you guys seen this video? #tears



Speaking of tears…

5) Visit the Taj Mahal and not leave until I start crying from it’s beauty. 

Which shouldn’t take long. 


6) Go to Hamandar Sahib and…explore 😀

Listen. Obviously Harmandar Sahib is beautiful, right? But for some reason, I never even thought about the upper floor(s?) until recently. It’s like, there’s more?! WHAT’S IT LIKE UP THERE? IS IT GOLD? IS IT PEACEFUL AND GOLD?

Look at this girl! She made it to the upper floor!

golden temple inside carvings 466x700

Source: travelinda123

It looks gold and peaceful. 

A week or two ago I had yet another dream I was in Amritsar and I was in Harmandar Sahib and I went to the upper floor and it was comprised of a bunch of pink girly bedrooms like what even.


So is this a thing? Can people go to the upper floors in the Golden Temple? Also, will we be able to sit and listen to kirtan, or is it more like a quick in-and-out thing? Idek. 



Okay, so there they are. These are the things I want to do. What do you think? Good? Bad? Completely impossible? TELL ME. TELL ME SO I KNOW. 


I hope you have an AWESOME week! Remember that you are da bomb. You are Kanye West. 





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