Kind of a departure from the norm, but I thought I’d mix it up a little! South Asia is my biggest passion, but, fun fact about me, makeup is actually pretty high on the list too! I’ve learned most of what I know from Michelle Phan, but sometimes I find the things that work on her don’t work the same way on me, color-wise. I’ve also found that there are things that I LOVE doing that seem to work even better because of my color!  I share them wit u now. 

First of all, I want to make clear that there is a HUGE  range of skin tones desi people can have.

They can be dark and beautiful.

They can be light and beautiful.

And they can be anywhere in between. And beautiful.

Our skin can be darkest brown or whitest white. We can be born with black hair or blonde. Brown eyes or blue. Our physical features don’t define whether or not we’re brown. Trust me, I’ve seen everything I just listed on a brown person, naturally.

Okay, that kind of got off topic. But it’s just a pet peeve of mine when people are like “Oh, you don’t look Indian.” We don’t have to fit into some kind of mold to be classified as our ethnicities.

Okay sorry. Basically what I’m trying to get at here is that these tips might not work perfectly for ALL brown folk…but imma do my best! These are things that I’ve found have worked for me. And I would define my self as Sonam Kapoor-colored, in terms of skin, hair, and eyes:

If you’re Kareena-colored of Mindy-colored, you can still try them out, they could work for you too!


Okay. I have naturally thick eyebrows, and I don’t thread/wax/pluck them because of my religious beliefs. So I’m never in danger of having overly plucked eyebrows, but I’ve found that, just because they’re naturally thick, it doesn’t mean they don’t benefit from some filling in! I just make sure not to use something too dark to do so. I use something around this color:

And it just kind of fills in all the gaps! Some of my eyebrow idols include…

Olivia Culpo

Lily Collins

Kajol (obviously)

Lucy Hale

Lourdes Leon

And, of course, Brooke Shields. The Goddess of Eyebrows.


I was always under the impression that dark lips are a risky move. But once I actually tried it out for myself, I found that they’re actually pretty easy to pull off on my skin color. I soon realized that dark lips look amazing on pretty much every person of color.

(^^I think she’s technically white but still)


I’ve found it really pops! Especially turquoise!


We as brown people were made to rock winged liner.

And yeah! Man…I feel like I had more tips in mind when I was planning this post…which now escape me…I’m probably going to remember them all in a couple of days but I won’t be able to post them because I’ll be in India. Gosh dang it. Oh wait, okay I got it. I’ll just share them with you telepathically when I remember them. Keep your brainwaves loose.

Let me know if you have any tips, whatever your skin color is! 🙂


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