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The West has shown Malala Yousafzai so much support in her campaign for girls’ education. Her name is a household name, and it should be. She is an amazing, brave, Pakistani girl. Like, I love Malala, okay? That ain’t even in question.

In fact, she’s been up to some amazing things lately, including backing a campaign started by girls in the U.K for the education of female genital mutilation, and speaking up for the children of Syria.

But there’s another brave Pakistani girl whose life was changed forever after an attack in 2012, just like Malala’s was. Her name is  Nabila ur Rehman

Like Malala’s dad, Nabila’s father is a school teacher in Northern Pakistan. And like Malala, she was targeted by a force that should have killed her. But unlike Malala, that force was the U.S, not the Taliban.

Nabila and her 13 year old brother were gathering okra in a field with their grandmother on the day of the attack. A drone overhead fired more than once, killing their grandmother, pictured below.


Reports claimed that the drone killed as many as 5 militants, yet it killed none.

Nabila made the trek to Washington D.C from her village in Pakistan. The nine year old, her thirteen year old brother, and her father were scheduled to testify to Congress about the way the U.S’s drone policy affected their lives. Watch the testimonies here. Out of hundreds of Congress members, five showed up to listen to the family recount the day their grandmother was killed by the U.S government. It was the day before the holiday of Eid. Zubhair, Nabilia’s older brother, required sugery to remove shrapnel from his leg, but his family could not afford it. It was months before Zubhair’s family could raise enough money to pay for the operation. But no operation can change the fact that he, along with other children like him, are no longer safe to play outside. The family testified in Urdu, and required an interpreter, who wept while translating their words.

Stories like those of Nabila and her family are what took me off the fence about our drone policy, and made me  against the use of drones. Nabila’s family, and countless others, were never compensated for their medical bills. I am ashamed that my government kills and injures innocent people, and does not even do so much as pay for the operations they need to repair the damage. Drones have been effective in killing a number of militants. But, as Obama himself has said, “To say a military tactic is legal, or even effective, is not to say it is wise or moral in every instance.” The numbers of militants killed by drones are misreported, as are the numbers of civilians killed. If this is our drone policy, I cannot support it.

On October 9th, 2012, Malala Yousafzai narrowly escaped death when the Taliban shot her. We have since welcomed her to our country, interviewed her on our talk shows, and allowed her to meet our president. Malala lives in England, and is an honorary citizen of Canada. She has met the Queen of England. Malala truly deserves all of this and more. But in the same month of the same year that Malala was shot, another young girl narrowly escaped death. She left her villiage to come testify to the Congress of the United States, in the hopes that they would listen to what she had to say, and that she could prevent what happened to her to happen to others. We sent her back home. I cannot help but think that we celebrate Malala because her oppressors are the Taliban, while we ignore Nabila and her family because their oppressors are us.


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Day 21 of M’s absence. Blog takeover is almost complete. Last step remains: remove whale background. Why is it still–




What do you mean what am I doing here!? I’m back! We got the laptop fixed!

Oh…well, I meant…why HAVEN’T you been here?? I’ve…missed you!



Yeah…of course…why wouldn’t I. 

I don’t know, V, I’m sensing some sarcasm…

Sarcastic, who me? NO. *slams door*








It’s good to be back 🙂

We got a new keyboard for our laptop! 😀 We spilled cha on the old one, lol. Silly brown people. 

And oh! Happy belated Valentines Day!! I was bummed that I didn’t get to post the week before Valentines Day. Ever since the V-Day post last year I’ve been kind of nervous as to how I was going to live up to it this year, since so many people seemed to like it. But now I think not being able to post was actually a good thing HEAR ME OUT. It kind of made me realize that I shouldn’t try to outdo myself like that on the blog. I wrote that post because I had had the idea in my head for a super long time to talk about Panjabi love stories, and I just thought Valentines Day would be a good day to do it. I didn’t know it was going to become my most-loved post. And so I think I should just stick to that mindset, and write posts that I really want to write because I really want to write them. Is that gucci with everyone?

Alright, speaking of posts and whatnot, I don’t have anything planned right now lol. So let’s just talk! Everyone grab some cha. And keep it away from your keyboard.

It snowed so much in North Carolina where I am omg. And when it snows here we don’t know what to do. This was literally us this past week.  AND ALSO. It snowed in Panjab this week! I’ve always been under the impression that snow in Panjab is rare, but I’m starting to suspect it’s just not recorded officially every time that it happens. Like, in 2012 it snowed in Panjab and it got a lot of media coverage, with claims that it was the first snowfall in Panjab, India in decades. But I’ve been checking out some videos on Youtube, and it seems like people have been uploading videos of snow and hail in Panjab every year for a few years back, including this year, 2014:

And of course it snows in Kashmir quite a bit:

As well as Himachal Pradesh, which is part of the Panjab region, and used to be part of Panjab state as well:

*Sigh* Snow in India, man. I can’t imagine anything more beautiful. When it snows here I pretend like I’m in Kashmir. 

Alrighttttttttttt. What else is new. Hmmm. Oh okay omg I stumbled on this AMAZING song on Tumblr:


Some parts are lost in translation, of course, but I mean hey. Even if you don’t know Panjabi, you can still enjoy this flippin’ song. Play it. Play it now. And turn it up loud. Annnnd close your eyes. You. Are. Welcome.

It’s by Satinder Sartaaj, who’s a pretty big Panjabi singer right now. I’ve always known he was pretty off the chain, but after hearing this I looked him up a bit more and it turns out he’s studied music in college, and has a Ph. D in Sufi music! That’s so insane to me! Like I didn’t even know you could get a Ph.D in Sufi music!! Sufi music, by the way, is like a type of music that’s popular in South Asia and I think some Muslim countries outside of South Asia as well. I’ve been listening to Sufi music foreveeeer, thanks to my mom. It’s just such a beautiful form of music. When I think of Sufi singers, I think of a bunch of dudes, and these days some awesome ladies, sitting on the ground playing various instruments and singing with all their heart.

A Sartaaj example:

A classic example:

A bollywood-ified example if you fast forward to 3:10:

And a parody rap/hip-hop version 🙂

  So there ya go. Those were all qawaalis, which is the more romantic branch of Sufi music. The other types are mainly religious, and just as beautiful 🙂

So yeah. I guess that’s it, guys. Idk what else to talk about. Actually I kind of do. But it’s late and this post is already long….man, I feel like there are so many things I’ve been wanting to blog about that I *still* haven’t blogged about. I need to get on dis. .Anyways, you should comment things! Down there! Do it. Do it now. Do it please. Also follow me on twitter if you want, idk


Aight, well see you guys next week 🙂 I promise I will be less all over the place 🙂


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Computer Back!! New post today :)

If he ever gets off my leg…



Still no computer :(

Times be rough…


Ok so still no computer (apparently we have to get our keyboard replaced woop di doo) BUT! I just realized how few India pics you guys have seen! And I think I was kind of planning on showing you all of them gradually as I post about the trip…and I could really write like an entire post about every picture….but desperate times call for desperate measures! HAVE PICS. YOU! YOU THERE!! YOU GET A PIC AND YOU GET A PIC AND YOU ok.