These are all the words I could think of to add on here, but I’ll be updating this page to keep it up to date with my fresh lingo. If you want me to define anything else on here, let me know! 🙂

Bakwass– Synonymous with garbage. Stupidity. Rubbish, if you will. Idk if it’s just Punjabi. It might be Hindi too? I’ve heard Pashtuns use it also.

Bhangra- A folk dance of the Punjab region.

Bhaya– Hindi term for “brother.”

Brown-See desi. Lol, it’s actually right down there. That’s awkward. 

Desi-A term used to refer to someone of South Asian descent. So like, Pakistanis, Indians, Bengalis, all them crews. 

Gurdwara– A Sikh place of worship. They’re open to everyone regardless of religion. After every service, a meal prepared by the congregation is served to everyone in attendance.

Parvar– Your family. Your crew. Your clique, if you will.


Punjab– Punjab is a lot of things. It’s a state in India, a state in Pakistan, and also an entire region that spans multiple states in both India and Pakistan. 

The Punjab region of India and Pakistan is in green. 

Punjabi- Something or someone descended from Punjab

Salwar Kameez– A shirt (kameez) and pant (salwar) combination usually worn in Punjab as well as other parts of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other nearby countries. 

Samosas– God’s gift to humans. 

Or, a crispy snack thing filled with some kind of filling (potatoes, peas, etc).


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