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Sorry if this is weird don’t judge me pls. 

1) My favorite Bollywood movie is Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham.

2) Teri Meri Kahaani is a close second.

Also Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

3) Sometimes, I get insecure about my skin color.

4) I’m a proud Sikh.

5) That being said, I rarely go to Gurdwara. Maybe once every couple of months. 😦

6) If I could rename my cat, I’d name him Shamsher, because he is in fact a brave lion.

7) I’m not fluent in my mother tounge, Punjabi.

8) I bought a hijab from my local Islamic store 🙂


That’s it ^

9) I have a weird yet strong appreciation for Laila Majnu. I haven’t read it yet, because I’m lame.

10)  My favorite Jusreign video is probably Insanity at the Mela.

11) I don’t love a whole ton of spice in my food. #NorthIndianSwag

12) I love the smell of mendhi.

13) At least two of my great grandparents were Pashtuns.

14) I wore a Pajama Kameez to my Junior prom.


15) Whenever I see a brown person, I ask him/her where he/she’s from. Unless I get shy.

16) My mom was born in Delhi, because that’s where her dad’s family had moved after the partition.

17) A Thousand Splendid Suns helped influence my love of South and Central Asia.

18) In my dreams, I’ve visited India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

19) I took classical Indian singing lessons as a young’un. 

What? What else do you think of when someone says “Indian” and “singing” in the same sentence? Lata Mangeshkar. That’s what you think of. 

20) Complete real talk here, sometimes I look at Zayn Malik and just take a moment to be proud of a desi boy who’s made it so big.

Same with Harminder Singh Dua.

21) Sometimes when I hear about a hate crime against a Sikh, or really anyone, I don’t read about it or find out what happened or even blog about it. I’m pretty sure it’s something psychological, and hopefully I’ll grow out of it.

22) Unfortunately,  I don’t have a lot of Punjabi friends, because I don’t live near a lot of Punjabis. 


23) My  favorite part of a Gurdwara service is when Gyani Ji takes the Vakh.

24) I’ve been mistaken for a Hindu.

25) I’ve been mistaken for a Muslim.

26) I’ve been mistaken for a white person.

27) I’ve been mistaken for a Hispanic person.

28) Aaaaand a Native American. I don’t know what to put as pictures for these…

29) When he was a child, one of my grandpas saw people being beheaded and set on fire during the partition.

30) Gulab Jammuns are my favorite dessert.

31) I aim to be fluent in Punjabi, Urdu, and Pashto.

سلام عليکم

30)  I’ve conisdered wearing a dastar, and it’s still something I might decide to do one day.

31) Youtubers played a big part in educating me about my own culture. Especially this guy.

32) Only one of my grandparents was born in India. The rest were born and raised in present day Pakistan.

33) One of my family members claims that Jay Sean is our very distant cousin.

English: Jay Sean at Bamboo Romania

English: Jay Sean at Bamboo Romania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

34) I think Italians and Punjabis are very similar people.

35) I’ve been called a terrorist.

36) Salwar Kameezes are my favorite thing to wear.

37)  Idk if this is right or not, but I consider every one of these countries Desi. The only one I think I might be wrong about is Afghanistan. But whatever. They’re my homies anyways.


38) Yes, I too have tried to reenact the Kajol towel scene. 


39) I might go to India for the first time this year.


40) When I eat Indian food, I usually eat North Indian food. However, I LOVE dosas, which are South Indian.

41) For some reason, I love saying the word “Mujhe,” completely out of context. I think it’s because I hear it in Bollywood movies all the time, and I didn’t know what it meant until recently. Mujhe. 

42) I can’t pronounce one of my family members’ last name. I physically can’t.

43) 3 of my grandparents are from cities, and one of them is from a lovely pind.

We think this picture was taken in her pind. 

44) My doctor told me that one of the genes I have means that I’m decended from Alexander the Great’s troops from when they were in India. Unfortunately, it’s the gene for Thalassemia. Thanks man.

“No prob.”

(Luckily I only have the gene, not the disease.)

45) 3 years ago, I had trouble pointing to India on a map.

46) Next to Punjab, Kashmir is the #1 place in India I want to visit.

47) On Rakhi, I tie a Rakhri on my brother, and he ties one on me 🙂

I wanted mine to be blinged out and he didn’t disappoint. 

48) I get a tad frustrated when people say “typical Indian features,” because there’s really no such thing. Indian features are so diverse, you know? (Even though I’ve probably said it before too lol)

She’s Indian too!

49) I’ve only been to maybe 3 or 4 Indian weddings. (And I’m scared of jacking someone’s wedding picture…so enjoy this picture of my cat reaching for his medicines instead. )

50) Blogging with you guys has made my love for Desi stuff grow 10 fold 🙂

Huge Red Heart



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